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Super Grain-free lunch wrap

October 25, 2015 0 comments Clean Eating

Obviously, I don’t have the option of making the typical sandwich for lunch. So, when I am super hungry and rushed, I grab a grain-free wrap and throw in the major ingredients: protein, fat and carbs (plus a BIG dose of greens is easy this way!).

It is helpful to know the right amount of protein, fat and carbs you thrive on, to keep you full, satisfy cravings and get you to the next meal. You could start wherever you are comfortable. I thrive on protein, so I try for 40% protein, 40% fat and 30% carbs.

protein of choice raw, steamed or roasted veggies + cup greens + dressing

There are great ready made brands and great recipes to use. I love to add chopped turkey, shredded carrot & zucchini, greens and 1 tlbs hummus or you could try garbanzo beans, shredded veggies, greens and a sauce of coconut yogurt with lime juice and cilantro. It could also be a breakfast (or dinner) burrito, with eggs, turkey bacon, lettuce and tomato. Easy!

My favorite brands:

Paleo wraps, made completely from coconut, no other ingredients! Click here to order.

WraP made in different flavors like Spicy, Asian and Energizing Morning. Amazing! Click here to order.


AgainstAllGrain.com Coconut Flour tortillas would work, slightly different texture than a wrap that has been dehydrated.

Or a raw dehydrated wrap recipe from thefullhelping,com

I am working on my very own, results coming soon!


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