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At home- learning with Toddlers

April 9, 2015 0 comments Clean Parenting

I find a lot of information online for Kindergarten and school age learning, but not a lot of information about preschool or pre pre-school. What I do know is that life at this point is all about exploring and learning through every day life experiences. Still, putting together a routine and knowing what I want to emphasize- even if we don’t always follow it- has been helpful with multiples.

There are different learning philosophies including Charlotte Mason, Waldorf and Montessori. Whether or not a family considers homeschool, I feel the philosophies offer tools for time well spent with our littles.

Ambleside Online has a very helpful description of what they call “Year 0”. For this style, the most important aspect of early childhood, besides establishing health, is time spent outside and short planned acitivities. There is also an edition of the Charlotte Mason Series you can read for free.

Amazon.com has a free digital copy of Dr. Montessori’s Own Handbook (a free download). Wild and free has an amazing aesthetic and out of control inspiration! Last but not least Pinterest offers quick and fun ideas and inspiration to keep them happy and learning!



Read everyday! Reading is a fire we want to stoke! Learning isn’t a process where you regurgitate what you think they should know, or try to get them to some standard. “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”-William Butler Yeats


Get outside everyday! Wild & Free is a major influence here, as well as my own experience outdoors as a child. We made mud pies today and literally turned the backyard into a creek!



Revolve activities each week around different themes. We have enjoyed focusing on bugs, costumes, the woods, and baking. For each theme, you incorporate an activity for each of the five senses. For instance if the theme is bugs you can catch a bug for sight and observe it, sound (we read a book with all of the insect sounds- cheating alert!), taste (make ants on a log with celery, peanut butter and raisins), smell (the smell of rain and watching worms come out!), touch (hold a bug)!



sensory activities have always really calmed the twins down: hugs and “baby bear” wrestling, mini swimming pool filled with balls, ice cubes in the water table, finger painting, cooking, sand, beans, rock garden, finding bugs!


Cooking and baking together offers all kinds of learning, plus, I want them to be able to cook for themselves and make healthy choices for the rest of their lives.


If possible, start a garden! We have a small space, but we planted strawberry plants this summer and we have been taking care of them together.


Organizing, sorting and naming are everyday activities here. We organize kitchen utensils, laundry, seashells, rocks, dolls, anything that we have in the house!

house rules!

I am starting to put the emphasis on Loving gestures instead of discipline, treat system or time-out (which never worked for us). We have a piece of explanatory paper on the wall that talks about 1. first, respecting yourself 2. second, respecting others and 3. third, how do you want people to feel when you are playing with them or are around them? You want them to feel loved! So we hug, we share and we take turns to let others know we care about them.

Here is to an adventurous summer with twin 3 year olds!


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