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Healthy Toddler lunch box Ideas

August 3, 2014 0 comments Clean Parenting

The twins are starting preschool! wow. The idea of making lunch and packing it up is overwhelming, but at least the days they are at preschool I don’t have to clean the floor after they eat!

I have been dreaming up healthy toddler lunch box ideas, not just healthy- but lunches they will actually eat and enjoy. The first thing that came to mind were the gluten free orange oatmeal muffins we used to make all the time, the recipe is on my blog here.

Focusing on what your toddler will eat that week (or day) is important. We go through streaks of loving one recipe, then they move on. I just try to keep up and follow along! So far, I have two great eaters so the effort of cooking everyday (and it is effort!) is worth it.

First preschool lunch box:

green beans with sautéed onion and turkey bacon bits

coconut sweet potato red pepper hash

sunflower seeds, dried mulberry and cranberry trail mix

gluten free orange oatmeal muffin


It is hard to have enough fresh vegetables on hand all the time, so I used organic frozen green beans. First, I set the green beans boiling (to soften them) then I sautéed onions in coconut oil and once clear I added the green beans and broke up pre-cooked turkey bacon.

For the sweet potato hash, I peel and cut sweet potatoes and chop them up in the cuisinart, then sauté them with coconut oil. I added red pepper to the hash this time, but you could add any vegetable and it would be delish.

Dried mulberries are an amazing toddler treat. I ordered the mulberries, cranberries and walnuts from nuts.com, a great source for gluten free nuts in bulk. You can find out ahead of time if you have nut allergies in your classroom, or airborne nut allergies in the school, replace any nuts with sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds.


Other ideas, not quite formed, I am going to try (and will post when I do):

rice cakes, sunbutter (nut-free), turkey rolls, raspberry/grape halves

celery slices, carrot slices, hummus, cranberry trail mix

mini quinoa spinach bites with vegan cheese substitute, avocado cubes,dried cinnamon apple rings

quinoa noodles with honey roasted carrots, peas and coconut butter, raw apricot balls (recipe here)

sautéed white beans, yogurt-mint dipping sauce, apple slices for dipping, raisin and pumpkin seed trail mix

sunbutter sandwich with banana slices on gluten free bread, grape halves and frozen blueberries

still working on it!

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