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Listen to your Gut- the second brain

March 25, 2013 0 comments Clean Body

When I walk into a new place, meet someone for the first time, or have a conversation with a good friend, I am responding. In a matter of seconds my brain is shooting off ideas and judgements, while my stomach is deciding how healthy the situation will be to “digest”. Modern science has discovered that the gut, where the nervous system actually begins, can work independently from the brain- unlike any other organ. It has 100 million nuerons! Only second to the brain.

Recently I was reminded that the flutters, pangs, aches, shooting pain, and nauseas (all symptoms I used to wish away) are indicators of something I desperately need to be listening to! My gut has been sending stronger (more accurate) messages than my brain.

If say, I have vague nauseas when I meet someone- my brain continues to tell me to give them a second chance- even while my stomach tells me to get out of the room. Truly, the message my stomach sends never fails! I have learned to listen, and if I don’t I suffer the consequences.

Need advice for a friend? Ask them first, what is your gut telling you? Often, we know the answers to our own questions, it is nice to hear someone back us up though!

Check out this article in Psychology Today, There’s a “second brain” in your stomach. It influences your mood, what you eat, the kinds of diseases you get, as well as the decisions you make. And you thought it was all in your head! here.
Although the article says to first rely on your brain when decifering information during the exchange from brain to gut to brain, I disagree. Personally, my stomach has proven it cannot be reasoned out of the truth in any situation. My brain (and heart) on the other hand, have been wrong.

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