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Review: 3 best Natural Deodorants

March 12, 2013 0 comments Clean Products

#1 There is a long list of gluten free deodorants I have tried. I will publish it someday because each has it’s own positives & negatives. For now, I will just ramble on about The Healthy Deodorant by Lavanilla. Vanilla Passion Fruit is my favorite scent- and you can apply this once a day (twice if you are very active). It is the best natural deodorant I have found, but the most expensive at $18.

Lavanilla Believes:

  • Beauty should be uncomplicated.
  • Harsh chemicals have no place in your beauty experience.
  • Pure, essential oils and active botanicals have every place in your beauty experience.
  • Our innovative formulas promise to lead a revolution in natural beauty.
  • Healthy is beautiful.

They also have a baby line, visit http://www.lavanila.com

#2 Although, if you have an issue with fragrance (natural or not) you may want to try Soap Walla Deoderant Cream. Put it on once, go to work, workout whatever you need to do and even wait until the next day to reapply! It is an amaxing product! You can buy it on etsy.com ($14) here, http://www.etsy.com/listing/35641572/deodorant-cream

#3 Sometimes it is just good to switch it up, Desert Essence is a good gluten free option for deodorant at just $5.

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