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Review: Intelligent Nutrients Restore

March 9, 2013 0 comments Clean Products

I discovered Intelligent Nutrients in Whole Foods. I know it is not a true discovery- sitting in every Whole Foods across the country- but it is exciting when I have a moment to myself to spray and slather on organic, gluten free beauty products. I have to admit Restore is for the hippy at heart. This is no chemical-laden perfume. When you spray it you know- this is the real deal.

The description on www.intelligentnutrients.com makes me smile:
Mental rehab & refuge. Deep, spicy, ancient medicinal oils of ravintsara, oregano, everlasting and cinnamon reston a bed of regenerating patchouli, rosemary and thyme oils to help promote personal restoration. Designed to create balance between mind and body, this elegant mist uses no petrochemically derived ingredients – just the plants themselves. For an experience that really is pure pleasure. Smells like: A haute bohemian with a wee bit of incense and some definite spice. Feels like: Your emotions were just cleaned, polished, massaged and fully moisturized.


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